Cable management for traditional & box-design frames

CableFixPro clips are your reliable solution for efficient and safe cable management in solar installations. Designed to meet all relevant standards EU & UK for cable management (IEC, NEN, BS, etc.) and are perfect for professionals looking to enhance their solar system installations.

Ensuring Safe, High-Performance, and Durable Solar Systems

As the solar industry continues to innovate with the rising application of box-frame designs, the need for professional cable management solutions compatible with these panels becomes increasingly critical. In addition, Bird proofing has increasingly made cable management into a difficult choice.

Introducing CableFixPro, the only comprehensive brand of Cable management solutions in the market today, tailored to fit all common solar panel frame designs and fully compatible with the entire BirdBlocker lineup. The innovative CableFixPro clips not only offer solid, reliable cable management but also provide optional bird-proofing in one seamless, easy-to-install product.

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Why Choose CableFixPro?

Originating from the BirdBlocker workshop, the CableFixPro line of clips is based on the success, innovation and uncompromised quality needed to lead the charge in ensuring uncompromised compatibility with new frame designs. With CableFixPro, that useability is translated to the industry's first and only complete Cable Management system tailored for both traditional and box-frame solar panels - with optional inclusion of bird proofing. CableFixPro’s unique clips ensure fast, hassle free installation and are mounted tool-free. Once in place, the cables are protected from sharp edges, preventing unminded appearance of hanging cables as well as mitigating risking damage.


  • Versatile Installation: Designed for both traditional and box-frame solar panels.
  • Easy tensioning: Efficient and quick control over solar wiring.
  • Tool-Free Mounting: Quick and easy installation without damaging the panels.
  • Enhanced Protection: Keeps cables elevated and secure, avoiding sharp edges and roofing materials as well as reducing exposure to the elements.

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Key Features and Installation Advice

  • Cable Capacity: Each CableFixPro clip holds two 6 - 8.8 mm cables.
  • Tensioning: Multiple cable strains can be tensioned in accordance with the norms and regulations.
  • Spacing: CableFixPro can be spaced up to 50 centimeters apart, with a minimum of two clips per panel.
  • Compatibility: CableFixPro is the only cable care solution that can be combined with BirdBlocker standard and box-design clips.

Technical specifications

  • Material: Made from high-quality stainless spring steel wire (NS coated), compliant with EN 10270-3:01, 1.4310 DIN 10088-1, and BS EN 10088-3:2014 standards.
  • Retail Quantities: Available in packages of 100 clips.
  • Wholesale Quantities: Available in boxes of 50 packages.
  • Warranty: Includes a 10-year product warranty.


CableFix clip for solar panels with a lip/flange

  • Height specification: 30mm - 35 mm
  • Width specification: 20mm - 35mm
  • Product code: CF-FFClip-100 W20-35xH30-35
  • EAN-code: 8785253122618

CableFix clip for solar panels with a box-design, 8-13mm wide

  • Height specification: 30mm - 35 mm
  • Width specification: 8mm - 13mm
  • Product code: CF-BoxClip-100 W8-13xH30-35
  • EAN-code: 8785253122601

CableFix clip for solar panels with a box-design, 14-18mm wide

  • Height specification: 30mm - 35 mm
  • Width specification: 14mm - 18mm
  • Product code: CF-BoxClip-100 W14-18xH30-35
  • EAN-code: 8785253122601

CableFixPro clips offer a reliable and efficient solution for cable management in solar installations. Specifically designed by solar professionals for solar professionals, our clips meet all relevant standards, making them an ideal choice for anyone aiming to enhance their solar system installations.


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The Importance of Cable Management and Bird Proofing in Solar Panels

Proper cable management is crucial for maintaining the efficiency and longevity of solar panel installations. Poorly managed cables can suffer damage from exposure to sharp edges and environmental factors, leading to potential system failures and costly repairs. Additionally, bird proofing is essential to prevent birds from nesting under solar panels, which can cause significant damage and reduce energy efficiency.

CableFixPro addresses both of these issues, providing a dual solution that ensures your solar installations remain safe, efficient, and durable over time.

For more information on the necessity and benefits of professional cable management and bird proofing in solar panels, consider these resources:

Upgrade your solar panel installations with CableFixPro clips and ensure your systems are protected, efficient, and long-lasting.

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